Well past Day 2, huh ?

8 06 2009

E3’s come and gone. And here I am, lacking the inspiration to go on ! The post-day 1 scenario saw my euphoria wear off and my lethargy setting in. Missing that unholy fervor and eloquence the first day’s events had given me, I ended up spending the rest of the time debugging my current project. Needless to say, that took up the rest of the day and some more, putting in motion a series of events that had me giving up, flushing the script and starting over anew. It helped. Rest assured though, for I deliver what I don’t promise.

Match Point

Match Point

The second innings of the Calvin and Me series ( Yes, this is gonna go on for a while ). Frankly, I think he just said it – The “other” universal question. One would be lying if he/she/it claimed that such a question never came to his/her/it’s mind. But let’s not delve into the intricacies of reason and thereof – It inexorably hijacks one’s train of thought into a philosophical void where there’s nothing to do but cogitate over the necessity of , yes, reason in ( and for ) whatever you do.

More to come and it won’t necessarily revolve around the same subject …




One response

21 06 2009

Looking good so far m8! Go on blogging, we’re here to read. 😀

(And ROFL @ the Calvin comic!)

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